Tools, Resources and Courses for Successful Kingdom Living

Here at Kingdom Living Coach, our goal is to see you empowered to passionately pursue your Kingdom purpose and succeed in every area of your life! To that end, we offer a variety of tools, training and resources to help you live with Kingdom power and authority.

Kingdom Living Life Coaching

See Transformation in Your Life!

Do you struggle with applying biblical principles to your life? Do you face uncertainty about your life purpose, difficult relationships, financial troubles, unhealed soul wounds, or unshakable health issues?

Are you yearning for more...

Success doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by choice. When you combine the right information with precise implementation you get rapid transformation!

Coach Sioux has identified five foundational Kingdom Pillars that any woman, ministry or organization, can strengthen to achieve outstanding results.

In life there are always going to be ups and downs. What if you could learn how to make the up times last—and minimize or eliminate the down times?

With Biblical truths, Coach Sioux guides you to strategizing your best next steps forward through gaining awareness, pinpointing obstacles, clarifying vision, and identifying practical, doable solutions.


In this age of information overload, women are desperate to find ways to put all the pieces of their lives and faith together. Many times they just need to talk with someone who has walked that road and will hear the cries of their hearts.

Coach Sioux is often asked about...
How to Apply God's Word to Life...
Finding Your Identity in Christ...
Overcoming Soul-wounds...
Developing a Healthy Body, Soul and Spirit...
Living as a Modern Proverb 31 Woman...

Balancing Work, Ministry and Life...
Developing Strong Relationships...
Discovering Your Calling and Purpose...
Rekindling Your Dreams...
and Living a Life of Power, Authority and Joy!

Let Coach Sioux help you set a plan in motion with a 45-minute 1-1 session, so you step out boldly to walk in the power and purpose you were designed for.

1-1 Individual Coaching Session

Coaching Packages

Coach Sioux offers special rates for one-on-one coaching clients who book 12 hour-long sessions.

The package includes:

  • Personalized coaching strategies designed for you and your goals
  • Flexible Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or twice a week coaching session schedule as best suits your need.
  • Specific, practical action-oriented assignments
  • Direct email and text access to your coach
  • Confidential advice and accountability
  • And much, much more
12-Session Coaching Package

On-line Training Courses

Ignite your DREAM Group Course

A 12-Week Online course.

Do you have a God-given dream for a business, ministry or message that now seems dead and buried?

It can be resurrected! If it is still in your mind and heart, then it is God-given and needs to be fulfilled. It is NOT too late! You were created to help others overcome what you have had to overcome.

Your personal calling and Kingdom anointing are your unique holy DNA from the Heavenly Father. Your Signature Anointing creates an individualized path, with clarity, wisdom, and decision-making power encouraging you to take the next step. It highlights WHO you are and WHO you are supposed to help and HOW you are called to help them.

IF you yearn to express the full spectrum of your spiritual power and Kingdom purpose...then...

  •  Rediscover Who God Says He Is and Who He Says You Are
  • Understand and Access Your Kingdom Inheritance
  • Learn to Retell the Narrative of Your Life-experience
  • Redefine Your Life Purpose to Align with God’s Unique Calling to You
  • Identify the People Group of Your Heart
  • Step into Your Spiritual Anointing and Gifting
  • Understand Your Worth and the Value of Your Message
  • Rekindle Your Long-dormant Dreams
  • Formulate & Activate a Plan to Achieve Your Kingdom Purpose


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Author Tools, Tips & Tricks Group Course

A 12-Week Online course covering the tools, tips and tricks for writing, formatting, publishing on KDP and doing a successful launch.

If you want impact lives (even if it's just yours),
write a book.
On average, one published book can touch and transform 1200 lives
- including yours - the author!
  • Your Set Up for Success—Your WHY; Establishing a Writing Place and a Writing Schedule
  • Methods to Brainstorm Your Outline
  • Tricks and Tips for Getting Your Words on Paper
  • Snare/Traps/ & Pits to Avoid in Preparing Your Manuscript
  • Proofreading and Final Edit Strategies
  • Writing Your Intro & Conclusion
  • Understanding and Adding All the Additional Pages Necessary to Make Your Book Professional
  • Title, Subtitle and Cover Design
  • Exploring Format Options—Print, E-book, Audio Book
  • Easy Steps to Upload to KDP
  • Choosing Categories and Key Words
  • Strategies for Gathering Your Launch Team
  • Preparing & Scheduling Your Book Launch Campaign


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Kingdom Living Unlocked
Membership Group

Take Your Faith-Walk to New Levels!

Walking in Kingdom Power, Authority and Joy doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by disciplined choice.

Kingdom Living Unlocked is a private international membership group of Kingdom-minded women dedicated to unlocking Biblical truths, establishing holiness in all areas of life through application of biblical principles and disciplines to draw closer to the One True God and bring transformation to the world around them.

The women of this community desire to walk boldly as Kingdom citizens joyfully living an abundant life in our full identity, power, authority and inheritance in Christ utilizing our life experiences, skills and giftings to understand and passionately pursue our unique Kingdom purpose for the glory of His Name at such a time as this.

This membership group offers teachings and discussions on scripture, discipleship, and general life principles to establish joyful and successful lives... along with challenges, give-aways, exclusive interviews and more... all the while, exhorting each other and stirring each other up to love and good works,

Coach Sioux has identified five foundational Kingdom Pillars that every woman can strengthen to achieve outstanding results and joyfully live an abundant life.


  • Weekly Scripturally Sound Teaching
  • Private Supportive Community
  • Exclusive Members Only Content Library
  • Live Trainings
  • Bi-monthly LIVE Q&A Times
  • Guest Interviews,
  • Challenges, Give-aways, and so much MORE!
Regular Membership


Moments with Mama
Devotional Coloring Book 

In the craziness of daily living, sometimes we need a hand to hold, a listening ear and someone who can share words of comfort, wisdom and instruction.

Moments with Mama is a collection of intimate and engaging writings addressing some of the issues facing today’s Christian woman along with challenges to live to your fullest potential. Beautiful illustrations to color allow the reader time to ponder the writings.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, curl up in a cozy spot and spend some time with Mama.

Purchase: $13.99

Affirmations from Abba
Devotional Coloring Book 

In the busy-ness of daily living, sometimes we forget who we are and get lost on our journey to fulfilling our purpose in life. 

Affirmations from Abba is a collection of intimate and engaging writings addressing some of the truths of how our Heavenly Father sees each of us who believe. Words of comfort and encouragement will warm your heart, strengthen your resolve, and challenge you to live to your fullest potential. Beautiful illustrations to color allow the reader time to ponder the truths of the writings.

Purchase: $13.99

Declaring in the Kingdom

In these chaotic times, we all face difficult situations, circumstances and relationships. Knowing how to use the Word of God to speak transformation into your own mind and into the issues you face will radically change your life and the world around you.

This book explains what biblical declarations are, how to formulate a declaration, and how to speak it to see it come to pass.

This book will strengthen your resolve to live a life of power in the Holy Spirit, encourage you to achieve your fullest potential, and challenge you to change your circumstances and the world.

Purchase: $13.99

The Kingdom Calendar

In these challenging times, many Christian believers are frustrated in their walk with the Lord. They feel He is far from them and that they do not know His will for their lives. They feel they are missing His blessings and favor over them.

This book looks at the eight Appointed Times that the Lord declares are His special days to meet with His people.

The Heavenly Father has graciously set appointment times for His children to come to Him for fellowship, worship and to receive abundant blessings. The King of the Universe has issued a personal invitation for you to meet with will you respond?

Purchase: $17.99